SkuVault with Shipstation

Warehouse Profile

  • Warehouse NameSkuVault with Shipstation
  • Headquarter Location: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Company Website:
  • Warehouse Locations:  Varies by retailer
  • Location Routing: No
  • Estimated Number of Products: Varies by retailer

Inventory Updates

ChannelAdvisor supports 2 different types of inventory updates. Full Inventory updates evaluate each datapoint in an inventory file, including Product Sku, Product Name, MPN, UPC, Weight, Qty Available, etc. Incremental Inventory updates only evaluate information which changes more frequently, like qty.

  • Full Update Frequency: Every 15 minutes
  • Incremental Update Frequency: Not offered by warehouse

Cost Updates

When provided by the warehouse, ChannelAdvisor will import cost detail which is used during the order routing decision process.

  • Update Frequency: Not offered by warehouse

Order Submission

ChannelAdvisor sends orders to this warehouse every 15 minutes.

  • Integration requires retailer use the plugin between ShipStation to SkuVault. Orders are sent to ShipStation, then imported to SkuVault for the inventory management piece.

Order Confirmation & Error Handling

When provided by the warehouse, ChannelAdvisor can consume order confirmations and error messages to verify when an order is received by the warehouse or when there is an issue with an order.

  • Frequency: Not offered by warehouse

Tracking Updates

ChannelAdvisor will fetch tracking for a warehouse as quickly as it becomes available. For this warehouse, we’re doing the following:

  • Tracking Frequency: Every 15 minutes

Available Shipping Methods

Below is a list of shipping methods accepted by this warehouse:

  • Varies by retailer